Great Ideas For Your Wedding Photographer

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Weddings are truly one of the most magical moments in life, and there’s something so exciting about celebrating your growing love with friends and family.

When planning your wedding, it can be tempting to focus on all the details that are less than important (i.e., the groom’s boutonniere). But what about the pictures? You’ll have them for decades! They’ll be there long after all those flowers have wilted, living forever in your mind, alongside every other happy memory from that day. That’s why it’s important to consider how you want your photos presented when selecting a photographer who understands what you want and can deliver quality results without breaking your budget.

Aside from the typical bridal portraits, family pictures, and other traditional posed pictures, you’ll get on your wedding day, what other photos should you consider having? And how do you explain these photo ideas to your photographer? Throughout this blog, we will discuss seven unique photo ideas, why you should incorporate them into your wedding album and how to make sure your photographer has a clear direction on what you’re looking for.

A candid shot of your groom at the altar

The first idea is to have a candid shot of the groom at the altar. This can be done in a number of ways, but here are some tips on how to make it look natural and spontaneous: 

  • Talk with your photographer beforehand and explain what kind of surprise you want them to capture. Whether that be shock, crying, or laughter.
  • Ask your photographer to have a second shooter facing the spouse at the altar while you walk down the aisle, so you don’t miss a moment of candid photos. 

Behind the Scenes Getting Ready Shots

These shots are a great way to show the bride getting her hair and makeup done or the groom getting his tuxedo on. Behind-the-scenes photos of your wedding party getting ready can be fun and creative as well.

It’s important that you have a conversation with your photographer before the big day about what kinds of getting-ready shots they’d like to capture during the day itself–and also how long they think it will take them (since this may affect other parts of your timeline).

An unconventional first look

First looks are usually done in an unconventional way that captures some of the excitement of your wedding day and helps calm nerves that might be jangling on this special occasion. The best part about having a first look? You get to see each other before you walk down the aisle and calm your nerves one last time.

First looks are a perfect way to incorporate something unique into your wedding day. Your photographer can help you decide which location would be most appropriate for this type of session and how best to set up the photos so that they capture all of the excitement and emotions of your special day.

Funny Shots of Children Throughout the Wedding Day

Children always have fun and silly faces, which makes it easy for photographers to capture some great shots during your wedding day festivities. As a client, you can make this process even easier by having your photographer set up some funny shots in advance. For example:

  • Get the kids to make silly faces or do funny things (this is especially good if they’re sitting still). The photographer should ask them questions like “What would you do if there were an elephant in the room?” or “If you could be any animal in the world right now, what would it be?”
  • Have them smile! This may seem obvious, but sometimes parents forget that smiling makes everyone look more attractive on camera (and less like they’ve just eaten something sour).
  • If possible, get someone else involved – perhaps another family member nearby who can help make the kids laugh.

The Bride Sharing a Moment with Her Father or Both Parents

Before the ceremony is the perfect time to capture a moment between the bride and her parents, it’s also great for capturing the groom with his parents or both parents together. Consider doing a first look of sorts with your parents, similar to what a bride would have with their spouse, to capture raw emotions.

The Groom Watching the Flower Girl Walk Down the Aisle

The groom watching the flower girl walk down the aisle is a classic and beautiful shot that can be done in many ways. One option is to have your photographer take pictures of just that moment, while another option is to get a more creative shot by having him follow her around during her duties as well as when she walks down the aisle (this will give him plenty of opportunities for amazing candid shots).

Photographing your guests taking goofy pictures with their phones after the ceremony ends

This is a great idea if you have a lot of guests who might be glued to their phones. You can ask your photographer to capture images of them making goofy faces and pretending they’re taking selfies.

To accomplish this, ask your photographer specifically to take pictures of people in the moment.

Bonus: Sunset Photos of the Newlyweds Walking From the Ceremony to the Reception Venue

Sunset photos are romantic, unique, timeless and a great way to end the wedding day. They can be taken anywhere, and they make your wedding look magical! How do you ensure that your photographer captures them perfectly?

  • Have them set up beforehand – Your photographer should have an idea of when it’s going to be sunset so they can plan accordingly.
  • Communicate with each other – Make sure both you and the photographer set aside time and have a clear vision for the style of images you want because sunset won’t last forever.

Now that we’ve explored seven unique wedding photography ideas, it’s time to put them into practice! The most important thing is to make sure that your photographer knows what you want before the big day.