We’re ready for business!

Our new super dooper operations manager asked us why we didn’t offer corporate catering and apart from the fact that the very word fills us with horror (‘corporate’..it sounds so dreary, so dull, so dry chicken breast in a cream sauce,) we didn’t really know why-so now we do!

We, rather immodestly, believe we changed the face of wedding catering, so we are now going to give the corporate world a culinary shake up.

Goodbye afore mentioned chicken breast, hello exciting, fresh, zingy, food that people get excited about, actually want to eat and (whisper it) will remember well after the event.

So if you’re looking to attract new clients, schmooze the ones you already have, launch a new brand or product, raise money for charity or any of the myriad other things that keep the corporate wheels turning, get in touch with us!