There is something deeply, unshakeably right about eating food in season, Food that is fresh & bursting with flavour, food that says:  let’s have a glass of chilled white wine on the lawn…”. We can make you any dish you would like to eat, but here are some of Kemp & Kemps favourite summer menu ideas for when that British sun puts in an appearance!  

Summer Starters

Chicken Liver Pate

Homemade chicken liver & pear brandy pate with gooseberry chutney & toasted brioche.

Chilled Ajo Blanco Soup

Chilled Ajo Blanco soup with extra virgin olive oil and toasted almonds.

Crayfish Cocktail

Crayfish tail, rocket & avocado cocktail made with homemade Marie Rose sauce (ours is made with a touch of English mustard & tiny bit of horseradish to give it a bit of ‘oomph’).

Mediterranean Vegetable Gallettes

Mediterranean vegetable gallettes with fresh pesto, on dressed leaves.

Poached Salmon Terrine

Poached salmon and asparagus terrine with watercress sauce.

Smoked Trout Salad

Smoked trout, watercress and Jersey Royal salad with horseradish dressing.

Summer Mains

Chicken Stroganoff

Chicken, leek & tarragon stroganoff (new season, tender leeks) creamy and really light.

Cod in Pancetta

Cod wrapped in pancetta with rosemary. I whizz up a ‘salsa verde’ for this: parsley, capers, garlic (lots of) olive oil. Yum!

Cold Poached Salmon

Cold poached salmon with my own hollandaise. A classic for a reason; it’s unbeatable if done well. Served of course with new season’s tiny Jersey Royals and lots of butter!

English Garden Salad

English garden salad with poached chicken & home-made “salad cream” – like no salad cream you’ve ever tasted. Mine makes the pale stuff in bottles taste like sump oil.

Flattened Chicken

Flattened chicken. Our local butcher takes out all the bones, we stuff herbs and garlic under the skin and served on rustic wooden boards in slices – or your guests may carve it themselves, we supply the knives, you supply a pinny and a hat – all very sociable.


Porchetta – a slow roasted (fall apart tender) shoulder of pork with softened onion, fennel seeds and rosemary with a blob of wobbly aioli. Served whole on rustic boards, or in slices.

Salmon Fishcakes

Homemade salmon & dill fishcakes with sorrell sauce.


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