We understand organising a wedding is a complex affair. At Kemp & Kemp we strive to make the process of organising your wedding catering as simple as possible. Please find here a list of our Frequently Asked Questions. If you need answers to questions, we haven’t covered here please do feel free to get in touch.

Simply put, wedding catering is the food offering you arrange for the big day! A good wedding caterer will offer you plenty of dishes to choose from (if not create you a bespoke menu from scratch), help you to meticulously plan your day so that everything runs smoothly. 

You’ll be serve up the feast of your dreams in any location you require (windswept marquee atop a hill during a storm? Been there done that), and finally, delight your guests with flavours they’ll be talking about for (literally) years to come. In short, your catering can truly make or break your wedding day. 

We shudder just thinking of the horror stories we’ve heard of poor planning whipping guests into a rage and disappointing dishes leaving a sour taste in the mouth. After countless years in the business our advice is to always do plenty of research; make sure you choose a wedding caterer with plenty of experience, genuine passion, and truly outstanding dishes.

If you’re planning your wedding on a tight budget, you may be looking for areas you can save money by swooping in with a bit of DIY. Whilst this is always an excellent way of saving some money and adding a personal touch to elements like your invitations, we’d strongly advise against it when it comes to your catering. It’s no easy task to plan, prepare and serve a perfect menu of food for a whole horde of hungry guests – let alone on the most important day of your life! We simply don’t like to see a bride or groom slaving away in their kitchen, the day before the wedding, trying to batch cook 200 mini sausage rolls in a last-minute frenzy. Your wedding catering should be designed to take the pressure off your shoulders, allowing you to relax and enjoy a show-stopping meal with your nearest and dearest. Leave it to the experts and you certainly won’t regret it, we promise!
Wedding catering is often priced per head, but this will likely factor in fixed costs on top of the food itself (such as oven hire, chefs, transport etc.), which means that the more guests you have, the less you will be paying per person. So, a small wedding or event with – say – 20 guests would be eye-wateringly expensive as the fixed costs are spread over so few people, whereas a larger party of 200 (eating the same food) the price per person comes right down. Therefore, when you’re planning your wedding catering budget, it is usually the number of guests that will have the biggest impact on the cost, rather than the food itself (although if you’re hankering after a surf & turf this would likely come at a premium). You can find out more about how much we charge for our weddings below.

We offer a bespoke service; every wedding is entirely unique, and we therefore cost them out separately. We take the fixed costs, which are the same no matter your guest numbers, as mentioned above, and then add the variable costs (like food, crockery hire, wait-staff) and divide that by the number of guests to get a price per person. Our average wedding is about 100 guests and in 2022 the prices are working out at roughly £55-£65 per person, plus VAT. All we need to work out your price is your postcode and the MINIMUM number of people you expect to attend, plus the number of courses you want us to provide.

Our prices are always quoted ex-VAT (20% currently) and ALWAYS include food (obvs), chefs, waitresses, a Front of House Manager, crockery, cutlery, napkins, tablecloths, transport, tea and coffee buffet-style, project planning and (via the Manager) on the day coordination. We simply don’t do the dreaded ‘hidden extras’; there’ll be no nasty surprise figures on your bill and no awkward ‘of course we can do that for you … but it’ll cost this much’ conversations. We certainly do not charge corkage (and never will). With Kemp & Kemp, what you see is what you get, and what you get – is delicious.

Yes. We may be culinary wizards but unfortunately, we can’t conjure food from thin air, and we simply can’t subject you (or our food) to the ‘cram it in a burp-sealed box and slop it on the plates when we get there’ strategy. But fear not, because by no means does this limit you to wedding venues that happen to come complete with industrial kitchens. We cater all over the country, in all types of beautiful venues, from rustic barn conversions to stately homes to blustery fields! We’re problem solvers and we want to work with you to realise the day you’ve always been dreaming of; trust us, we are never put off by a challenge.
Yup. It might sound too good to be true but that’s our middle name! We have a whole raft of stunning dishes and inspirational menus that you can choose from, but if you’re after something entirely unique to you and your partner then that’s what we’ll do! Our specialty is drawing inspiration from absolutely anything, whether it’s where you went on your first holiday, or your favourite takeaway (yes, we’ve done a KFC inspired menu before), we love nothing more than creating completely bespoke menus tailored to you. We’re not even precious about courses – fancy 5 courses of dessert? We’ll make it happen. Your wedding day should be a celebration and reflection of you and your significant other, and the wedding breakfast should be no exception.
Absolutely, we’re incredibly flexible and work hard to ensure no one feels left out or that they can’t enjoy the same dishes as everyone else because of a dietary requirement. We simply adapt your dishes to suit all your guests and serve them seamlessly without making a big fat fuss – whether its gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, meat-free, garlic-free – it’s no trouble and no stress. We certainly don’t do the ‘oh, you’re a vegan? There’s salad and bread’, in fact, we proudly cater meat-free weddings all the time and we absolutely love it. You can find out more about our vegan/vegetarian catering here.

Of course, our catering extends to children! Children (those under 12) can simply have a smaller version of the main meal, or you can choose a dish specially for them, such as chicken pie with creamy mash, lamb cutlets with mint jelly, or herby chicken (or fish) goujons with garden peas & tomato sauce. All we ask is that you select one option for all children.
We’re proudly Staffordshire based but frequently whizz up and down the M1 to take our tasty talents all over the UK. As we’re in the Midlands we often cater in Birmingham, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Shropshire, Warwickshire, Powys and Leicestershire (to name a few!), but as with all things Kemp & Kemp, we’re super flexible and are happy to make anything work! This ethos also extends to the venue itself and we certainly aren’t limited to catering in hotels or stately homes, in fact, we love a good marquee or teepee in a challenging location … bring it on!

Absolutely, in fact, we have a whole website designed to help independently minded couples find their ideal suppliers. At the end of the day, your wedding is about you and should therefore be totally unique! Don’t let anyone tell you that you need to squeeze into Package A, Package B or Package C – instead, build your own experience with your own suppliers. We’ve got it all covered, from fridge trailer hire, to florists, to (of course) loads of venues where we can cater – we’ve made it easier than ever for you to create your dream bespoke wedding. We‘ve worked with all these lovely people over the years and are proud to personally recommend them, so you can trust they’re the best of the best. Visit www.independent-weddings.co.uk to kick-off your planning.

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