Winter Wonderland Weddings

What could be dreamier than a winter wonderland wedding?

Snow flurries, candlelight, magical frosty photographs, indulgent winter feasts, sparkling sequins … the weather may be chilly but the trend is white hot!

So, the question is, now we’ve all decided we are dreaming of a winter wonderland wedding, how do we do it? No one wants a half-hearted, lack-lustre semi-theme – the dreaded smattering of tinsel on some trestle tables in a draughty village hall; we want that showstopping, jaw-dropping, WOW factor that will keep your big day alive in your mind for years to come! To give you a helping hand, we’ve laid out some different routes you could explore on the path to your perfect winter wonderland wedding.

Winter Wonderland

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The Theme

There are so many different tacks you can take when you’re running with a winter wedding, it can be hard to choose!
Here’s a bit of inspiration…



Go all-out Christmas – think turkey dinner, trees and decs, pressies and crackers, give your guests a day of festive fun that won’t be forgotten.



Always dreamt of being a Disney princess? Dream no more. Why not go full Frozen and conjure up a whimsical wonderland.



Get cosy in an intimate venue as the weather rages outside – log fires, hot chocolates and a candlelit dinner. Hand out fluffy blankets to your guests for bonus points.


Ice Queen

Brave the elements and have your ceremony outside in a dramatic winter landscape. Channel Narnia and don’t forget a faux-fur bridal wrap – the photographs will be worth the cold.

The Venue

If you’re going grand with your winter wonderland theme – booking a stately home as your venue will tie it together perfectly. Picturesque grounds and impressive architecture will truly make for a showstopping day (plus plenty of room for Christmas trees, if you’re feeling festive!). Conversely, you could go in the opposite direction and opt for a smaller, more intimate venue, like a wedding barn, for a cosier atmosphere. String up the fairy-lights and get the mulled wine ready; a rustic wedding barn can be the ideal choice for a stylish, more casual day. Lastly, if you’re the outdoorsy type, you could go more off piste and hire a tipi! We love the idea of a fun, camping aesthetic reception with hot chocolates, lots of dancing, roaring fires, candlelight, chestnuts, and marshmallow toasting under the stars.

The Details

It goes without saying that the little details you put into your big day can make a whole world of difference. Whether you have hired a stylist to craft the perfect aesthetic, or you’re planning on getting stuck into some DIY, the key to your immersive, unique winter wonderland wedding will be in the finishing touches.

There’s a lot to work with when you choose to decorate with a winter theme, and so much potential for added character and fun! Think snow-globes, wintry fauna and flowers, Christmas crackers you’ve filled with goodies, personalised keep-sake baubles – whatever you can imagine!

Appropriate lighting is absolutely essential, as it can cultivate or completely kill that dreamy, cosy vibe. Where possible, try and avoid the dreaded, office-like, overhead fluorescents and opt for dim, warm bulb or (better yet) plenty of candles in jars. Of course, not forgetting the all-important fairy-lights. They instantly create gorgeous magical light, as if stepping into a fantasy realm, and make for stunning photographs. You may want to buy in bulk – the fairy-lights really are non-negotiable for a winter wedding.

The Dress

Gah! Is there anything dreamier than a floaty, wintry, princess gown? Choosing a winter wonderland wedding really does give you license to go all out with the dress. Many brides will opt for a long skirt length and long sleeves to keep the winter chill away, however, if your big day is indoors, you can really go for whatever dress you like! Go elegant and lacey or big and sparkly and don’t forget to finish off your look with those essential details – sparkling jewellery, twinkling crystal hair pins and something warm to wrap around your shoulders! Be it an elegant pashmina or a plush faux-fur shrug.

Winter Wonderland

The Food

We like to think that in winter it’s only polite to indulge. We all want to sit down to a hearty meal and warm up, not stand around picking at small, cold portions of underwhelming food. When you’re planning a winter wonderland wedding you simply can’t ignore the prospect of treating your guests to a classic, quintessentially British roast dinner (with all the trimmings, of course), especially if you’re going festive with your theme! But if you aren’t a fan of the standard ‘meat and veggies’ set menu, we have the answer. Whether you’re serving up in a tipi in a frosty field or hunkering down in a converted barn, our rustic sharing feasts always go down an absolute storm. There’s nothing more joyful than watching your loved ones come together over delicious sharing boards, passing around bowls overflowing with scrumptious sides, delegating an official representative from each table to ceremoniously carve the meat. And the best part? Your sharing menu can be entirely tailored to you to truly create the winter feast of your dreams.

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So ...

We’re on a mission to make your dream winter wonderland wedding a reality! By partnering up with some of the most idyllic venues around, we’re offering a winter wedding package to make your fantasy day more accessible than ever before. You can read more about our winter packages here or get in touch with us today for a chat!

Step aside summer, winter weddings are here to stay.

Winter Wonderland

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