Wedding Planning for the Busy Professional

No one can deny that planning your wedding has the potential to be all-consuming. I have even known of people taking a step down in their career or cutting down to part time hours in order to organise this big event. If you’re a busy professional… it’s unlikely that you have the same time to dedicate to your special day, but it doesn’t mean you need to compromise.

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Here are some of our top tips for busy professionals planning their wedding:

  1. Let your suppliers take care of the detail

Hiring a wedding planner is always an option to help with planning, but it’s not always necessary. By choosing suppliers that you trust, you can eliminate most of your planning all together – they have been making wedding days run smoothly for years, and have a lot more to offer given their creative licence. At Kemp and Kemp we are well known for our planning and preparation. We even provide our brides and grooms with the ultimate checklist based on years of wedding experience – it leaves no stone unturned.


  1. Don’t ask friends and family for their opinions

Decide on your wedding details as a couple. Everyone has their own opinions and it will only prolong the decision making!


  1. Create rules to make up your guestlist

Create a list of everyone you know, then whittle it down by answering simple questions, such as: have I seen this person in the last year? Have they met my partner? Do I really want this person at my wedding?… Create your own list of questions. You’ll be amazed by how quickly your guest list shrinks!


  1. Couple your wedding planning with your social calendar

Even the busiest of us like to socialise. Why not couple your wine tasting with a dinner party for your friends or your make up trial with a girly pamper day at the spa? By doing this you are making your wedding planning fun, not an added stress at the end of your busy day.


  1. Set a deadline for decisions

Treat your wedding as if it were a work project. Set deadlines to make decisions by and don’t go back on them. You’ll organise your perfect wedding in no time at all.


  1. Don’t join social media wedding groups

This just adds to the confusion and will throw too many options into the mix (trust me, I’ve been there). Organise your wedding your way, and pay little attention to how others are doing it. Have you ever met a newlywed couple who didn’t say it was the best day of their life? You’re marrying your partner, it’s a given that you will have a fantastic day!


We work with busy professionals who are planning their wedding every day. Richard takes particular pride in making this processes as easy and hassle free as possible. We love to see our brides and grooms happy, calm and stress-free on their special day. Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.