The date:  August 2018

The location: Becky & Paul’s home on the side of Cauldon Canal in Cheddleton

The occasion: The marriage of Becky and Paul


From the first enquiry via ‘Guides for Brides’ on 29th August 2017 through to the wedding on 11th August 2018, Becky and Paul showed the same determination to do ‘their own thing’ with spectacular effect. Their home is perched on the side of the Cauldon Canal in Cheddleton, next to a series of historic flint mills and is itself an ancient industrial building that the pair have been renovating for some time.

It’s an unusual space to say the least and everyone concerned was a bit worried that it could be used to cater for 124 people, not least Becky’s mum who showed Richard Kemp around to see if it just might work (and if Kemp & Kemp could find enough spaces to re-use as a kitchen).

With plenty of imagination and a lot of faith, all agreed that with luck, it was going to work so the deal [to cater] was done.

The huge machine hall was at this stage full of half-renovated cars and motorbikes, rusty lathes and other machine tools plucked from Stoke’s crumbling Industrial Heritage by the inventive Paul and Becky; who then spent the next year creating an 50′ high storage facility and ‘cleared up’ the whole space, painted the lathes (placing them behind the top table), sanding the floor, painting the walls and transforming the space totally.

They then went about theming the wedding in an Industrial manner with (for example) chandeliers suspended by huge industrial chains and table names matching Paul’s storage system/numbering with matt-black stencilled numbers on identical chipboard. The table plan was a CAD 3D drawing etc. etc.

The food was a perfect match with sharing, whole flattened chickens on big rustic wooden boards, accompanied by big bowls of pesto rice salad with spring onions and shavings of Parmesan and pine nuts; platters of green bean, red onion and lemon-baked feta salad, plus big bowls of baby new potatoes with rosemary. Dessert was (in keeping with the theme) a selection of brownies, meringues, shortbreads and florentines piled up on cleaned scaffolding boards, with bowls of whipped cream and strawberries.

After voting for Richard and Karen in The Wedding Industry Awards Becky wrote…

Thanks so much for the amazing service that you provided, you were all great and the food was amazing. We had so many compliments on the food!

We even have some very difficult to please ‘foodies’ who were heaping praise! Let me know if you need me to write a review anywhere and I will be more than happy to oblige.


This could well be Kemp & Kemp’s favourite ever wedding for sheer individualism, style and hard work!