Planning a wedding is a big job… you have to turn into a project manager – sort the marquee, power, water, furniture, fridge trailer, drink, ice, parking, never mind the dress or the honeymoon. It’s also (for most people) a first and is pretty daunting.

We, at Kemp and Kemp Catering have devised all sorts of devious wedding planning tools and checklists to help turn our innocent bride/groom into an expert wedding coordinator so that they can ensure a seamless, flawless, coordinated, smooth-running day which will look effortless to your guests.

Richard Kemp’s background is Project Management and Project Coordination. It was he who re-built York’s Jorvik Viking Centre in 2001 and simultaneously coordinated 70 academic projects for York Archaeological Trust in the 1990’s, so he knows a thing or two about empowering project managers and coordinating their activities.

Using this background, we provide our clients with all sorts of wedding checklists to assist them deliver perfect catering – everything from ‘the perfect table plan’ – just fill in the names; ‘the wedding timer‘ – just fill in the time of the ceremony; and ‘the checklist creator‘ where all you have to do is fill in the date of the wedding and you get a checklist that keeps you on the straight and narrow for the 6 months in the build-up to the BEST MEAL OF YOUR LIFE.

Brides love our tools!… as a bride to be recently commented ‘Oh my – I love you, Richard! This spreadsheet is AWESOME!!!! ‘.

Maybe – in addition to the amazing food, perfectly served – it’s why Richard and Karen can boast West Midlands Wedding Caterer of the Year for 5 years running!

If you’d like us to keep you on the straight and narrow, just get in touch now to get started….