Winter Menu Ideas

 A  bracing walk in the countryside, wrapped up against the elements, then home to light the fire & with the divine smell of a hearty casserole filling the kitchen, to pour a glass of red wine. & read the papers. This is us on most Winter Sundays!  What follows are our ideas (though do remember we make you anything you would like)  for winter wedding food. Food that is unashamedly comforting & warming, food that feels right when the days are short & the nights are long.

Winter Wedding Food


    • Winter Starters

    • Chicken Liver and Calvados Pate

      My homemade chicken liver & calvados pate, with spiced apple chutney & toasted walnut bread.

    • Vegetable Soup

      Winter vegetable soup with granary bread.

    • Caramelised Onion Salad

      Caramelised onion, parma ham & parmesan salad with a drizzle of balsamic.

    • Four Cheese Terrine

      Four cheese terrine with melba toast.

    • Potted Ham and Chutney

      My traditional potted ham with chutney & ciabatta toast.

    • Winter Mains

    • Boeuf Bourguignon

      Boeuf bourguignon. A must. My family don’t think it’s Christmas Eve unless we have bourguignon & mashed potato for our supper!

    • Venison

      Venison with red wine & cassis

    • Coq Au Vin

      Coq au vin.

    • Lamb Shanks

      Lamb shanks in a deep port sauce.

    • Gourmet Sausage and Mash

      Gourmet sausages with caramelised red onion gravy (& mash of course!). We had this for our wedding... amazing.

    • On The Side...

      Now you can eat mash, roast potatoes, dauphinois & braised red cabbage & apple to your heart’s content!