Canapé Ideas

Canapes are the first impression your guests will have of the food that is to follow & we believe that they should have a real WOW factor.  Ours are all home-made, pack a flavour punch (this sounds obvious, but so many don't) and look amazing . Natch!

Canape Ideas


    • Canapés

    • A Shot of Soup

      A shot glass of hot or cold soup with a parmesan wafer.

    • Blue Cheese Rarebits

      Mini blue cheese rarebits, with spiced pear chutney.

    • Goat's Cheese Tartlets

      Caramelised onion, goat’s cheese & thyme tartlets.

    • Lamb Blini

      Pink lamb with redcurrant and fried rosemary on a mint blini.

    • Mini Crab Cakes

      Mini crab cakes with tartare sauce.

    • Mini Yorkshire Puddings

      Mini Yorkshire puddings with rare beef fillet & homemade bearnaise.

    • Parmesan Shortbreads

      Parmesan and rosemary shortbreads.

    • Pork and Corriander Burgers

      Mini pork and corriander burgers with lime and chilli relish.

    • Sausages on Sticks

      Gourmet sausages on sticks in soy sauce with honey and toasted sesame seeds.

    • Smoked Salmon Blinis

      Smoked salmon and lemon and dill cream cheese blinis.

    • Smoked Trout Potato Cakes

      Smoked trout and horseradish cream potato cakes.

    • Sweet Potato Cubes

      Sweet potato, leek and feta cubes.

    • Tomato, Mozzarella & Basil Skewers

      Cherry tomato, mozzarella & basil skewers with fresh, homemade pesto.

    • Wild Mushroom Tartlets

      Wild mushroom and tarragon tartlets.

    • Bruschetta and Crostini

    • lemon & coriander hummus

    • Fresh crab & lemon

    • Tomato with garlic & basil

    • Goat’s cheese & mango chutney

    • Griddled zucchini, lemon & parmesan

    • Smoked mackerel pâté & horseradish

    • Dolcelatte & black grape

    • Crayfish, rocket & dill