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Sick and tired of the bland, copy and paste, ’chicken, beef or vegetarian’ wedding menu options? Us too.

We’re all too familiar with that sinking feeling you get when you see the wedding breakfast menu, and that smile-through-gritted-teeth you have to roll out when the (inevitably disappointing) dish is finally placed in front of you. More dry chicken, chewy beef or inexplicably goopy mushroom soup; let’s be honest – there’s not often much to write home about. Whether you’re the happy couple, or an invited guest, the wedding breakfast has the power to make or break the whole day, and (in our book) anything less than utterly show-stopping just doesn’t cut it. So, we’ve thrown out the stained, over-used menu of wedding breakfast ‘favourites’ and instead replaced it with dishes full of life, zest, flavour and FUN!

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We may be exceptionally fussy when it comes to food (naturally), but it does seem a common theme that chicken is simply never done right. It’s either so dry that you’re forced to contemplate the cardinal sin of asking for some ketchup, or so slimy and swimming in grey, congealed sauce that you fear any attempt to wrestle it onto your fork may result in it slipping off the plate and onto the floor. So, we’re all too happy to step up to the plate and completely change the game.

One of our absolute favourite ways of lifting this wedding staple to the lofty heights where it belongs is serving up our trademark (and much beloved) flattened chicken. Be gone, fussy little portions of grey matter, and hello rustic platters of sumptuous flavour. Served on a chunky wooden sharing board with homemade salsa verde, zingy aioli, heaps of fresh salad and a selection of sides to match your menu and theme, our chicken is rich, succulent and can be flavour-tailored to your liking. In fact, it’s so good that of the 500+ weddings we’ve had the pleasure of catering, over half of those have chosen our flattened chicken to be the star of their show! We’ve never been fans of the ostentatious, often sterile, atmosphere that seems to accompany fine dining – which is why we love bringing people together over sharing platters piled high with delights, creating a fun, informal experience for all your guests to share in.

Red Meat

There’s (obviously) bags of potential here. But, most importantly, what won’t be on the menu is overcooked, chewy, flavourless meat (that you definitely asked for medium-rare) with some sad-looking veg. Whether it’s locally sourced gourmet sausages with comforting creamy mash, or a velvety, rich boeuf bourguignon- we know how to do succulent, tender meat that we guarantee your guests will be reminiscing over for years to come.

One of our most raved-about dishes of all time has to be our our signature porchetta; slow roasted to perfection and served on a sharing board, whole or sliced, this showstopper always brings flavour, delight, and drama – especially when each table ceremoniously designates a carver to do the honours. Of course, everyone has their favourite dishes, and if you’re craving something completely different for your big day then we’ll make It happen! From steak frites (yes we’ve done that and yes it was to die for), to the best hog roast you’ve ever had – we can take an idea and cook it up into something truly special.


Vegans and vegetarians, we can only apologise for the disservice we know you’ve had to put up with event after event for years. So often we see meat-free guests completely sidelined (or even forgotten about) as you’re presented with one menu option to choose from that likely has lots of mushrooms and no discernible flavour.

Well, not anymore, we love the opportunity to showcase how stunning an entirely meatless menu can be and have proudly catered plenty of vegan weddings in our time! In fact, we like to think that we’re pioneering a new standard of vegan catering where compromise isn’t an option. If you’re a vegan or a vegetarian, be proud of it! Don’t stand for those carnivore guests who try to make you feel guilty, and certainly don’t stand for any bland, uninspired dishes that caterers may try to push your way. All our veggie menus sing with flavours, dazzle with colours and burst with textures – there’s simply no room for anything less than outstanding. Fancy seeing what all the fuss is about? Take a look at our inspirational vegetarian/vegan menus to tickle your tastebuds. 

So ...

Whatever it is that you’re hankering after for your dream wedding breakfast, whether it’s chicken, beef, vegan,  (or something else entirely!) – we’ll do it for you and we’ll do it exceptionally. We love nothing more than creating unique dishes for our couples and we especially love a challenge, so if you’re looking for truly inspired food for your wedding, look no further! Drop us a line today and let’s get started.

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