Just recently we were asked something which we have never been asked by a bride and groom before… to create a completely vegetarian wedding menu. Usually we are asked to create a vegetarian ‘option’, but never ENTIRELY vegetarian.

When Karen was asked to do this, her eyes lit up with excitement – she loves vegetarian food. I’m not talking your usual nut roast, stuffed mushrooms and a bit of Tofu! I’m talking REAL vegetarian food; strong flavours and bright colours, a complete dish in its own right.
For all the meat-eaters out there, this may seem like a preposterous idea, but we have seen even the most dedicated carnivores come to realise that they can really enjoy food without a trace of meat! They don’t even miss it…

Vegetarian Wedding
Vegetarian Wedding

So what type of food could you serve. Wonder-cook Karen Kemp has come up with this fantastic menu idea for us:

Roast tomato & almond gallete with toasted almonds

Followed by spinach, cheese & soft herb roulade with salsa verde

Served with…
The unfeasibly divine roast baby new potatoes with agen prunes (try it!)
Roast butternut squash and sweet potato with coriander & chilli yoghurt
Plus golden and red roasted beetroot with maple syrup dressing and toasted sunflower seeds.

It would be great to hear your thoughts on an all vegetarian wedding! If this is something which you are looking to do for yourself, get in touch and we’d love to put something together which perfectly suits your personality!

Vegetarian Catering