… (and can prevent you from being ripped off)

Marquee weddings have been popular for a while now; mainly because people like to be in control of their own wedding. I don’t blame them – Imagine paying a small fortune for your wedding day and having someone tell you what you can and can’t do.

Here are some reasons why marquee weddings are quite simply, fantastic.

You can choose your own suppliers

Marquee Weddings With a marquee wedding, you get to choose everything yourself, meaning two marquee weddings are never the same.

Most importantly – The Food (we are caterers after all). It will be one of your biggest out goings on your wedding day, so make sure you choose food which has been inspired by your story, and is personal to you. Marquee weddings mean that you’re no longer limited to the dry chicken from Menu A or the chewy beef from Menu B.

You can have any style of wedding

Marquee Weddings Most buildings have their own style… a Georgian mansion, a minimalistic hotel etc. A marquee is like a blank canvas, to decorate in any style that you’d like. If you need inspiration, there are so many ideas on Pinterest. You can keep it rustic with no flooring and hay bales galore, or go all out and have marble flooring with chandeliers!

You can put them anywhere

In the middle of a field, in your parent’s back garden, at your local farm, outside a beautiful manor house with perfectly manicured gardens – the list goes on. They can be put up just about wherever you want (providing you ask permission first of course). 

You can party until your feet fall off

There is no ‘turf out’ time in a marquee (unless of course you want there to be). If your guests are all having a great time, make the day last longer and carry on the party until 6am. Every bride and groom will tell you how quickly their wedding day goes – make it last as long as possible. You can even make a weekend of it and have your guests stay in tents ‘festival style’. 

You will not be ripped off by expensive ‘corkage’

The average price of a bottle of wine provided by a wedding venue is around £25 – £30. More often than not, the same bottle of wine will cost your £5 in the supermarket. Some caterers have cottoned on to this and charge corkage, so make sure you check! (Kemp and Kemp don’t charge any corkage by the way – and we even serve your drinks).

Marquee weddings have lots of benefits – but they’re not for the faint-hearted. They involve lots of planning and preparation. If we (Kemp and Kemp) are catering for your marquee wedding, we take a lot of the weight off your mind and work with you to make sure your day runs perfectly – contact us to find out more.