Modern Eating is where it’s all about with Karen this season, ever since she realised that she could get a meat- free meal past Richard (a dedicated carnivore) without his usual refrain of ‘it’s alright but there’s something missing.’

Karen also noticed that there was a marked rise in clients who (whether veggie or not) want to serve lighter, cleaner, fresher food on their wedding day. Kemp & Kemp never stand still and whilst some trends are definitely worth ignoring (anything involving chocolate ‘soil’!) this one really lit Karen’s culinary candle.

As she explains: ‘’It’s a clever term ‘Modern Eating’ (encapsulated by Anna Jones in her utterly fab book of the same name). It is a veggie take on food, but it doesn’t have the ‘worthiness’ (or dreariness!) so often associated with it –  which inevitably makes you run, arms wide open into the loving embrace of a bacon bap”.

Karen knows that what you want from your non-meat wedding food is exactly the same as you want from any wedding food… food that makes your mouth zing; food with flavour, texture & colour; food which will make your wedding guests hearts soar and food which will make even the most devoted meat eaters (most Dads!) go WOW!

Over the winter period and in preparation for the coming wedding season Karen has been busily experimenting with fantastic, no – meat recipes. Already a devotee of Ottolenghi, she is increasingly excited about showcasing each season’s bounty not just as accompaniments to a meaty main, but in their own right…. Honey & white miso aubergines anyone?!

Vegetarian Catering
Vegetarian Catering
Vegetarian & Vegan Menu Ideas

Karen is really inspiring when talking about food generally! If you have been inspired to choose a modern way to eat at your wedding, and need her input to show you can achieve that, she would love to hear from you. Get in touch for a free consultation: