Top 5 Wedding Foods that Guests Secretly Hate… and what to do instead.

1. Hard-to-eat canapés

Everyone loves canapés at a wedding - it’s time to mingle with guests & revel in the first flush of being married! With an ice-cold drink in one hand it’s not a great idea then to try hold anything else for long,

so our rule is - if you can’t eat it with one hand and in one mouthful forget it. Oh, and avoid poppy seeds at all costs!

2. Dry, tasteless, grey chicken


You know the type… it’s on every caterers’ set menu (apart from ours of course – we don’t have set menus). We’ve all sat there gazing at a dry chicken breast in a pool of grey sauce with the odd mushroom floating in it! Poor old chicken, it SHOULD be such a crowd pleaser but so often fails to get a slow hand-clap.  

Ours chicken is stuffed with fresh thyme, lemon zest & garlic and served with our own salsa verde & aioli. Your guests will be talking about it for YEARS to come. Take a look at our wedding menu ideas for some alternative chicken suggestions...


3. Fish


Not everybody likes fish & everybody hates dry, overcooked fish. There’s no need to risk it particularly but if you go for sharing fish platters which can accommodate those with a love of ‘challenging’ seafood (griddled crevettes with aioli)  & those who prefer a safer option (‘posh’ prawn cocktail’).

For a main course either a classic poached salmon with hollandaise (one of our total faves) or a crispy skinned sea bass on crushed minted peas would do the trick.

4. Buffets

So, you stand there in a long queue for 35 minutes, with your plate in your hand gazing at a very small and slightly suspicious chicken drumstick, half a grey pork pie and a curly sandwich on a wilting lettuce leaf. Assuming that is that the above haven’t been snaffled by everyone else before you. WHY DO THAT?

Our answer is the ‘Table Picnic’. Each table of 6-8 guests gets its own array of home-made goodies, served in our traditional wicker picnic baskets, with (for example) a kilner jar of amazing, perfectly dressed salad, home-made pate, sausage rolls (to change your life),  freshly cooked scotch eggs, a big rustic board with our flattened chicken and a big knife,  fresh crusty bread, salted butter. No queues, lots of banter, taste, variety and deliciousness.


5. Sugared Almond Favours

Traditionally sugared almonds are given to guests as favours. The truth: they probably won’t even take them away with them, let alone eat them.

The alternative: get creative with your wedding favours… or get rid of them all together – there are no rules at weddings anymore.