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Wedding Catering Trends Q&A

We would like to say a big thank you to Your West Midlands Wedding Magazine online for featuring our Wedding Catering Trends 2022 Q&A – you can read the full article below.

Question one:

What is emerging as popular catering trends for this year are next?

“We think that people are just super happy to be having weddings again!

There aren’t particularly any new food trends emerging although there has been a slight shift to all veggie or all vegan weddings as more people choose to eat less meat, something we’re proud to say we at K&K have covered with our fab veggie/vegan menus that we honed over many years.

Couples still want to be massively sociable and less formal so sharing feasts, be it mezze, tapas, antipasti, or a combination continue to be hugely popular which we love as it means we can get really creative, and we simply love seeing loaded sharing boards being delivered to the delighted guests.”

Question two:

What do you see overall as a trend emerging for weddings?

“Here at K&K we are seeing much more demand for winter weddings than ever before.

We think that the combination of the spring and summer months now being booked up so far in advance, the realisation that winter weddings are really romantic (think log fires, candles, mulled wine & boeuf bourguignon and venue availability is driving this demand.

We LOVE a winter wedding and have many fabulous winter food ideas, so long may it continue.”

Winter Wedding

Question Three:

What is your favourite dish to prepare & serve at a wedding and why?

“As we live between Spain & the UK, we are always particularly thrilled if we are asked to create Spanish inspired tapas food!

Karen has always been a lover of Mediterranean food, be it tapas (there’s not much we don’t know about tapas to be honest…be it the deliciousness of sticky garlicky chicken in sauce, the spiciness of patatas bravas or the excitement of a plate of crispy calamari), Ottolenghi-esque Middle Eastern (bowls of hummus, baba ghanoush & muhammara, with lamb koftas & flatbreads…swoon!)  ‘River Café inspired Italian (deceptively simple, rustic)

These styles would always make it onto our top ten and are huge crowd pleasers at weddings.”

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Question four:

How is the future looking for Kemp & Kemp?

“We are delighted to say that with year-round weddings now being the thing we are busier than ever. Richard is busily sourcing venues who could offer winter weddings (log fires & cosy candle atmosphere) and Karen is as happy as a clam looking for winter wedding menu inspiration in all of her many hundreds of cookbooks (It’s a tough job but someone has to do it!).”

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Question five:

What is a big catering no no that couples should put front of mind when planning their wedding catering?

“The dreaded buffet! Don’t make your guests wait in a long queue for 35 minutes, with plate in hand gazing at a very small and slightly suspicious chicken drumstick, half a grey pork pie and a curly sandwich on a wilting lettuce leaf, that’s if everyone before them hasn’t snaffled it all!

Our solution is the ‘Table Picnic’, each table of 6-8 guests gets its own array of home-made goodies, served in our traditional wicker picnic baskets, with (for example) a kilner jar of amazing, perfectly dressed salad, home-made pate, sausage rolls (to change your life), freshly cooked scotch eggs, a rustic board with our flattened chicken and a big knife, fresh crusty bread, salted butter. No queues, lots of banter, taste, variety and deliciousness! Find out some more no, nos & our alternatives here.”

Question six:

What is a big catering yes yes that couples should put front of mind when planning their wedding catering?

“Don’t treat the canapé reception as merely a holding pen before the ‘main event’!

This time is joyous and should set the scene and the tone for the rest of the day. You’re married, your family and friends are all surrounding you and mingling. So, keep mingling, be generous, keep it going longer and serve more canapés – some couples skip a starter & maximise on this special time by serving more canapés.”

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