Never was the saying ‘You get what you pay for’ truer than in wedding catering.

It’s not unusual for brides and grooms to shop around and gather quotes for wedding catering. This is great to give you an idea of pricing, but beware – a cheap caterer is usually cheap for a reason.

Here are some top tips to making your money go further…

  1. Cut the guest list: If food is important to you… and you truly appreciate good food – then don’t try to cut corners with quality. Instead, invite fewer guests, and feed them amazingly!
  2. Ensure no corkage charges: Make sure you’re not asked to pay corkage for your caterers to serve your drinks (we think it’s immoral!)
  3. Skip a course: You can use canapés as starters, or your wedding cake as dessert.
  4. Do you really need evening food? If you feed your guests lavishly – we are big feeders at Kemp & Kemp – it’s unlikely that your guests will need anything more.
  5. Choose your dishes wisely. Exotics like Lobster and Fillet Steak will always work out a little pricier! Don’t feel that you need to please all of your guests… just choose what you would like to eat.
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A good caterer will be able to advise on how to put a variety of dishes together to please all whilst not compromising on taste and flavour.

We hope that you use our tips – remember; the quality of your food doesn’t need to be compromised… even if you are on a budget.

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