Why more and more people are choosing a village hall wedding…

village hall weddings What springs to mind when someone mentions the words ‘village hall’?
If, (like me) you have a vision of Boy Scouts, nativity plays and WI meetings with a faint smell of cabbage… then you would be mistaken!

Village halls have moved with the times and although SOME still have flat roofs and a tired wooden cladding on the outside, with the advent of lottery funding, many of them are brand new, very modern and attractive and exceedingly versatile spaces.

So, leave your village hall hang-ups at the start of this, and let’s explore celebrating your big day at one of these venues.

The Cost of a Village Hall Wedding

The obvious one. It’s much cheaper to hire a village hall than it is to hire a commercial venue or a hotel. In fact, it could save you upwards of £5,000 on the venue hire alone – think of the food and drink you could supply for that! You will also save money on other aspects; no £15 corkage fee for the staff to open each bottle of YOUR wine, and no £25 corkage fee for the staff to open your champagne (because champagne is obviously much more difficult to open!?)

The Flexibility

By choosing an ‘independent venue’ such as a village hall, you can choose who you would like to cook your food, where you buy your wine from and what DJ you’d like to use. Village halls don’t tie you into any packages, which makes your day much more flexible and personal.

Facilities in Village Halls

Most village halls are kitted out with toilets, kitchens, electricity, water, parking, furniture and a large enough space to accommodate the average number of wedding guests. Again, no need to spend your precious cash on fundamentals – spend it instead on nice stuff – like the catering!


Because village halls are usually plainly decorated inside, it gives you the opportunity to theme it any way you’d like. There are some fantastic companies who can line the hall to look like the inside of a marquee, and the blank canvas lends itself well to pretty much any themed wedding imaginable. We have seen a bride and groom successfully organise an airport themed wedding in a village hall… and it looked superb!



There are some great village halls (and other wedding venues which don’t tie you to packages) on – but for a comprehensive database of halls nationwide go to – I guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised.