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Vegans Rejoice!

We’re pioneering a delicious, showstopping new standard of vegan wedding catering.

If you’re a vegan then you have our sympathies; we know all too well that wedding after wedding you’ve likely had to stomach the butt of the menu, the one-option goopy mushroom stroganoff that has been coagulating in the microwave since the dawn of time. Or, even worse, you may have even been forgotten a few times… ‘Ooh, you’re a vegan? There’s plenty of bread and salad…’. Well, no more, not on our watch! We are re-inventing Vegan Wedding Catering.

It’s no secret that at Kemp & Kemp we LOVE the opportunity to go green with our menus. In fact, we’re on a mission to abolish the long-established stereotype of boring, droopy vegan menu options and show people that vegan wedding breakfasts can be just as crammed with flavour and character (if not more so!) as their meaty counterparts.

Afterall, being a vegan is a big lifestyle choice and if you, or your partner, have chosen to be a vegan then it is likely a value that you hold very close to your heart. So, why should you be made to feel ashamed of it, or feel as if you are causing a catastrophic inconvenience to your carnivorous guests? Your wedding day should be a celebration of you and your significant other, and the wedding breakfast should unapologetically reflect you too!

When you choose to go vegan with your wedding breakfast, there really is so much potential to get excited about! Just take a look at this mouth-watering vegan menu we’ve catered for a wedding later in the year!

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Mouth-Watering Vegan Menu

Let’s just say we’re glad we aren’t the ones having to choose from all these options…


We recommend serving four canapés per person.
Please choose any four from this list:


Served plated to your guests.
Please choose any one of the following:

Served with:

Main Course

Served plated to each guest.
Please choose any one of the following:

Served with any one of the following (Bowls to Table):

And any two of the following:


You can either offer an individually plated dessert, in which case choose any one from this list, or you offer a sharing dessert board to each table, in which case choose any four:

Tea and Fresh Ground Coffee:

We like to serve your tea & coffee as an assisted buffet

Evening Food (if Required):

So ...

There you have it, at Kemp & Kemp we simply don’t do boring, flavourless mush, we do menus that pack a serious flavour punch. In fact, we’ve been told time and again that even the most devout meat-eaters don’t realise that their entire meal was lacking a certain something … but that’s because our vegan menus don’t lack ANYTHING! They’re crammed full of flavour, texture, and bursting with the finest locally sourced ingredients. No longer do you need to reluctantly mutter to your guests that their meal will be meat-free, instead you can take pride in it! With passionate, expert vegan wedding catering, you can celebrate in the knowledge that your guests will not just begrudgingly tolerate your menu, but instead be surprised, dazzled, and delighted by the food on your big day.

If you’d like to discuss vegan catering for an event or wedding, get in touch with us today!

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