We know a thing or two about pastry at Kemp & Kemp!

Richard and Karen’s first foray into catering was a farmer’s market stall called ‘The local tart company’ selling delicious home made (natch) savoury tarts.

Delightfully light puff pastry bases topped with all manner of deliciousness:

  • Chicken, leek & tarragon
  • Ham, brie & pancetta
  • Wild & porcini mushroom & tarragon
  • Plum tomato, mozarella & basil
  • Roast Mediterranean vegetables & pesto

With Karen busy in the kitchen making the tarts and Richard selling them, there were over 85,000 tarts made and sold in three years at farmers’ markets far & wide. They even made it to Clarence house at a farmer’s market event organised by the Prince of Wales… where stalls were by invitation only.

Sausage rolls came next (we love a pastry product!)

Recognising a gap in the market, we introduced another product (and actually like to think we were amongst the first to recognise the opening for such a thing) namely the gourmet sausage roll.

No more pink, centrifugally spun sausage meat!

Ours went down a storm, all home made & scrumptious flavours:

  • Pork, apple & sage,
  • Pork & caramelised red onion
  • Pork & tarragon

Filmed by the BBC for their Midlands today programme which took them onto the streets to test consumer reaction. It was this wonderful reaction that made us think we could cater for people and out of that Kemp & Kemp Catering was born… and if you fancy a tart at your wedding, we can still produce them and they will still ‘change your life’ as Richard used to say.