Kemp and Kemp Wedding We often get asked about our own story. Where we got married and of course, who did our catering!?…

We got married in late October. Our logic was that the UK’s summer weather is so unpredictable – so if you hope its sunny, you’ll probably be disappointed. Conversely if you opt for an autumnal date (when you would plan for rain), you might be pleasantly surprised.

It worked.. after our ceremony at the crumbling splendour of Bishton School, we walked around to the back of the house where an 18th Century temple provides a great backdrop and had our pictures taken in perfect sunshine. Just as we were thinking of going back in, the heaven’s opened with spectacular vertical lightning – the cause of much hilarity for all who had not managed to get inside, esp the bride and groom!

Karen chose a local Staffordshire caterer to interpret her food thoughts into splendid reality (warming food to reflect the season) and Sheila Sindrey did this impeccably, with a sharing board of her home-made pâté as a starter with baskets of fresh bread, chutneys and salted butter, followed by a main of bangers and mash with onion gravy. The dessert was a sharing selection of mini tartlets and cakes, which all went down a storm (like the weather really).

The colour scheme was natural with berries and ivy punctuated by the rich aromas of scented candles, reflecting the season and the especially the Virginia Creeper just at that time turning an amazing shade of russet across the frontage of Bishton.

After a midnight taxi to Tutbury, we jetted off to central Venice for 5 days of gastronomic bliss amongst the misty canals in our favourite place on earth…

If you’d like to plan your wedding day – get in touch, we’d love to be part of your day.