The biggest challenge for brides and grooms

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Despite what the weather might indicate, we’re in the height of summer and the thick of wedding season now, with several weddings each and every weekend.

Yes, the sun may not have had his hat that regularly so far, but the weather’s not the biggest challenge to brides and grooms in summer 2024.

It’s the football.

It happens every couple of years – you’ve picked the date to give yourself the best chance of a beautiful day, and then it turns out that England are playing.

We’ve seen all sorts of solutions to this problem, from a big screen in the bar to a blanket ban on watching it until after the wedding breakfast, but one thing you can be certain of is that the Kemp & Kemp team can be relied on, football or no football.

I snapped a quick video of a wedding we were catering on Saturday, showcasing our team’s magnificent multi-tasking – prepping the starters while listening to the game.

Watch the video below to see behind-the-scenes at a Kemp & Kemp catered wedding, and meet some of our team too!