Kemp and Kemp take a look at the wedding food predictions for 2017. 

1. All Vegetarian Wedding Food

Wedding food trends Vegetarian food at weddings used to be a bit of an afterthought and even a bit of a joke…. A nut roast, a stuffed mushroom, a bit of old Tofu half heartedly prepared was just about all most veggies could expect.

However, the rise of chefs like Yottam Ottolenghi with his imaginative and inspiring approach, love of strong flavours and equally strong colours, has meant that vegetarian food is starting to take off big-style – and Midlands-based Kemp & Kemp Catering are leading the way bringing this fresh, new way of eating into wedding catering.

The trends K&K see are a move away from using meat altogether as even dedicated carnivores come to realise that they can love their food with not a trace of meat in sight – the age of the all-veggie wedding breakfast is now upon us.

Examples of dishes recently served by wonder-cook Karen Kemp for K&K’s wedding clients include:

Roast tomato & almond gallete with toasted almonds

Followed by spinach, cheese & soft herb roulade with salsa verde

Served with…
The unfeasibly divine roast baby new potatoes with agen prunes (try it!)
Roast butternut squash and sweet potato with coriander & chilli yoghurt
Plus golden and red roasted beetroot with maple syrup dressing and toasted sunflower seeds.

A recent New Zealand based couple, returning next July to their old stomping ground in deepest Worcestershire to get married, were determined to find all-vegetarian wedding food that would wow the meat-eaters in the family and through its total deliciousness, wean them off meat (at least for the day). Having had their tasting the other day on a rare visit home, they declared themselves utterly convinced that Karen’s food will do it.

Stay posted for whether they managed to convince the bride’s father, a lifelong ‘meat & two veg’ sort of guy. We are pretty certain they will.

2. Have your cake… and not eat it!

wedding food trends It looks great (for those of your guests who even bother to look at it), it costs a fortune, you’ve got to remember to cut it ceremonially (why? when? what with? ) – The chef has to cut it up (easier said that done) and then what…

We think more couples are choosing to do away with a cake altogether and spend the money elsewhere. However, if a wedding cake is your hearts desire; use it as the dessert, maybe supplemented with fresh summer berries & bowls of whipped cream.

3. Food as Theatre

Fine dining at weddings will always have its place for the more traditional brides and grooms, but nothing quite beats food as a theatrical experience. Remember, we eat with our eyes first.

We’re talking food stations, we’re talking heaving bacchanalian feasts served to each table for sharing, we’re talking colour, we’re talking, smell, we’re talking food to assault all the senses!

Your guests first words on seeing the food should be WOW!

4.Thou Shalt Not Treat The Canape Reception As Merely A Holding Pen Before The ‘Main Event’

This time is joyous, it sets the scene and the tone for the rest of the day. You’re married, your family and friends are all surrounding you and mingling. So keep mingling, be generous, keep it going longer and serve more canapes (some couples do away with a starter altogether in order to maximise this lovely time).

5. Food With A Story

Your story that is. Many couples want the food to reflect them (that’s why they’re not going to a homogenised, packaged venue). Increasingly, couples want the wedding food (or at least an element of it) to reflect food that’s been important to them.

The very first meal they had together (I was once asked to re-produce & ‘weddingify’ KFC (and I did… fabulous free range chicken breasts in herby crumb with home made ketchup as it happens) or even the restaurant dish where the proposal took place).

6. Evening Food

Wedding Food Trends Carbohydrates are your friend. That’s it!

I know it’s done to death, but why re-invent the wheel?

We’re talking bacon baps, hot dogs, chip butties, wood fired pizza, kebabs, noodles, sliders, pulled pork rolls, buttery crumpets, warm sausage rolls.

We are not talking salad. No, not even as an accompaniment!