Traditional Vs Modern

Who Will Reign Triumphant When Creating the Perfect Winter Wedding?

You’ve got your heart set on the perfect winter wedding, but which style is right for you and your partner?

So, you’ve decided to embrace the winter wedding trend that’s sweeping us all off our feet, brilliant! Not only does that likely mean you’re going to be securing a date sooner, and for much less money, than a summer date – but it also means you’re going to have some serious fun with the theme!

There are so many avenues to explore once you’ve decided you’ll be embracing the chill, but the first big umbrella question must be: will you be going traditional or modern? It can be a daunting, and often emotional, question to definitively answer, so we’ve decided to map out the possibilities to help you in your planning!

Let's talk traditional

Going traditional to create your perfect winter wedding, means soaking your day in splendour and indulgence. No one could deny the English stately home its title as the ultimate, quintessentially British wedding venue, and with grandeur comes all the gilded, awe-inspiring magic necessary for a spectacular winter wedding. Embrace the classic winter colour palette of deep wine reds or forest greens, or both! Take in all the joy and festivities of the Christmas season and unleash them on your big day; hoist up magnificent Christmas trees in great halls and string mistletoe and holly from every balustrade. However, if you’ve not quite got a Miss Bennet and Mr Darcy budget, that’s not to say you can’t have a classic winter wedding! The same effect can easily be achieved in a more modest venue with some imagination, clever styling, and fun staging.

Dreaming about the perfect winter wedding can become a reality! Rolling with a classic theme will see you embrace all the coveted traditions of British weddings, likely in a show-stopping ivory gown and floor length veil. The guest list will typically be on the larger side as extended family and a wider circle of friends receive their impeccably presented save the date cards. But what about the all-important food? Typically, a traditional wedding will be a formal, sit down, set-menu meal. So, this would mean a sumptuous winter feast! Perhaps an unbeatable British roast dinner with all the trimmings and finished off with indulgent, steaming puds … sticky toffee or melt in the middle chocolate or Christmas pudding or sweet apple crumble … (oh, pass the custard, we’ve thoroughly distracted ourselves now!). What were we saying? Oh, yes, the wedding breakfast! It’s safe to say that no matter what style of winter wedding you settle on, the food is always going to be outstanding (if you choose the right caterer, that is!).

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Something more modern, perhaps?

The modern winter wedding is an entirely different affair. Instead of the bustling festivities of a big do, we distil the basic elements of a wedding, stripping it of the fanfare of tradition and pomp, so that we are left with what lies at the core: the two individuals getting married. Make it your day and create your very own modern, personalised, and perfect winter wedding. The modern wedding turns its back on tradition and instead embraces the personalities of the couple, their interests, their loves, and their styles, resulting in a more unique, simplified day.

Instead of the bright, primary colour scheme popping out in pocket squares and floral arrangements and decorations, you might choose a more subtle palette, such as pale blues or lilacs, or maybe even just white. In terms of venue, there’s plenty of scope. Modern barn conversions are always a popular choice, meaning you can enjoy light filled spaces and cathedral-like vaulted ceilings, but without the draft. Weddings are trending more towards enjoying natural spaces and lighting; this might be tricky in winter, so if you don’t want to brave the sub-zero temperatures, we recommend a venue with nice big windows.

This minimalist and individualistic approach to your big day gives you plenty of choice when it comes to the dress. From glittering, strapless princess gowns fluffed with tulle to sleek, Grecian silk gowns draped in all the right places, you can really pull off whatever look you like. The minimal style of the day will often translate to a more minimal guest list; modern weddings often prefer a more intimate, precious atmosphere to be shared only with your nearest and dearest. With all this in mind, when we reach the big wedding breakfast decisions, there really are no limitations. If you’re breaking from tradition and building a day around you and your partner, then the menu should be tailored too! You could create a menu inspired by your favourite holiday, think tapas and Mediterranean sharing platters, perhaps. Or just combine all your very favourite dishes and flavours into a stunning feast of delights! Either way, the modern trend is ‘share, share, share!’. Couples are growing tired of stuffy, boring set menus and are instead choosing to bring more zest to the table, more character, and encouraging more of a shared experience for their guests, through informal sharing boards and platters. Tailor the catering to suit your own style and you can be confident that your perfect winter wedding is well on the way to becoming a reality! Gosh, we’re really in the mood for some bruschetta now.

So, which is it to be?

We hope this blog has sparked some inspiration, helped clear your thoughts and perhaps nudged you towards a favourite. Ultimately, though, the decision is down to whatever feels right to you and your significant other! Whether you go traditional or modern, your big day is set to be the perfect winder wedding that encapsulates the themes and styles you both love.

It’s so important when planning your big day to always return to the all-important question: ‘Is this what we want?’, as it can so often be the case that you may feel pressured to do things a certain way, for example conforming to a family tradition, or wearing that specific style of dress that your mum always dreamed you would wear. Don’t be afraid to take a breather, distance yourself, and evaluate if the wedding day you are formulating is really the day that you want it to be.

So, will it be a traditional, festive, and fabulous winter wedding? Or a chic, sleek, enchanting wintry affair? We can’t wait to find out, but whatever you choose, Kemp & Kemp can ensure your catering is delicious, efficient, and downright show-stopping. 

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