Seeing as it is Shrove Tuesday (or ‘Pancake Day’) we thought we’d share some of Karen’s pancake topping suggestions! You never know, it may even become a popular wedding dish!

Let’s go savoury with our pancakes this year…

The trend for all things ‘pulled’ continues so why not turn your pancake into a Chinese one & stuff it with shredded duck, hoi sin, spring onions, cucumber & coriander.. pop a little pot of dipping sauce on the side for good measure. Pancake day

Or how about chipotle pulled pork with bourbon sticky sauce and a good side of home made coleslaw.. delicious. Pancake day

Veggie? I’d go with my favourite vegetable of the moment..roasted butternut squash (roast it high and for not too long, then it caramelises but doesn’t turn to mush.) Drizzle some cardamom yoghurt over it, blitz with lime juice and fold it into a pancake.

A bit Mexican..treat your pancakes as quesadillas.. fry onions, peppers, sweetcorn, and melt some cheese over them..wrap in your pancake & serve with a cold Mexican beer!

If you must be sweet..believe me, there is no better combination than nutella & peanut butter! Pancake Day