Contracts Now that you’ve tied the knot, you probably wonder what’s going to change in your daily life.

Well, rest assured, only everything! If you’ve probably moved before, it’s most likely you only ever had to sign contracts according to you and you only. But now things are different and every contract signing requires the consideration of two people.

No need to worry, Switch plan is here to help!



How can Switch Plan make your life easier?

First off, congratulations! Now that a new life is starting there might be new things to think about. Like contracts.

It is likely that, like most people living in the UK, you are paying too much money for your energy consumption. Moving in somewhere new and starting your married life can be just the event you were waiting for to switch to a better offer.

Either way, Switch Plan is the word!

They help you reevaluate your current contract and find out whether or not it is the right offer for you. They will compare all suppliers: they use specific tools to compare all offers from suppliers to make sure to bring you the best deal possible.

This means a deal that makes sense considering your energy consumption and mostly that is aligned with your budget. Either way they aim for the best deal at the lowest price.

They also analyse deals to make sure they fit your habits but mostly your values. They like to also build plans ‘case by case’ and that fit your personal energy needs. they can do this based on information that only you can provide, so that the deals they come up with are aligned to your personal needs.
Switch Plan is filled with experts and experienced professionals who will make your satisfaction a priority.


Setting up energy in a rented house: what’s the procedure?

If you’ve embarked on the marriage journey, again congrats, it does not necessarily mean that you already have a house of your own. This is totally normal as most married couples start their new life (or continue it) in a rented house. Either way, you’ll need some energy! Literally.

Switch plan experts can advise on how to set up energy in a rented house.

If you are the one handling the utilities, it’s rather easy to set them up in your new home, even if it’s a rented house.
You’re going to have to choose a provider, and then subscribe to an offer. They will ask for basic information including:
– your detailed home address
– the date you need your energy to start working
– the type of meter that your property has
There are usually two types of meters, regular credit ones and prepayment ones.


What about the landlord?

You’re probably wondering, “what about my landlord in all this?” And you’re right to be wondering this legitimate question.
According to Switch Plan, UK regulations on rental properties are clear. You have the absolute right to decide the supplier that you want if you are the ones paying the bills.

In certain rare cases, if the landlord decides to take care of the bills (which might be part of the contract you signed when you signed the lease), then you should not worry about it. In that case you cannot switch suppliers or interfere in the subscriptions.
You can find out more about renting a house in the UK by reading this article.