We've mixed things up in the pâté section. Say goodbye to Brussels, we've created some seriously good spread.

    • The Pâté People

    • Butternut Squash & Sweet Red Pepper Terrine (V)

      with red pepper relish

    • Chicken Liver & Pear Brandy Pâté

      with spiced fig relish

    • Duck & Orange Pâté

      with Cointreau & caramelised orange relish

    • Ham Hock Terrine

      with either English mustard or fresh pineapple salsa

    • Poached Chicken & Baby Leek Terrine

      with onion relish

    • Pork, Apple & Pistachio Terrine

      with spiced apple relish

    • Potted Duck

      with piccalilli

    • Smoked & Poached Salmon and Asparagus Terrine

      with horseradish

    • Smoked Mackerel Pâté

      with horseradish

    • Smoked Salmon & Dill Mousse

      with cucumber & poppy seeds

    • Wild & Porcini Mushroom & Tarragon Pâté (V)

      with garlic button mushrooms