Autumn Menu Ideas

The leaves start to turn, there's a nip in the air, you can start to think about putting on layers (instead of the dread of taking them off !) Light the fire & pop a pheasant in to the oven for a long slow braise – heaven! We make you any dish you would like, but here are a few of mine & Richard's favourites,

Autumn Wedding Food

    • Autumn Starters

    • Apple and Pancetta Salad

      Winter leaf, English apple & crispy pancetta salad with melted Camenbert.

    • Butternut and Sage Soup

      Butternut squash and sage soup with rosemary foccacia.

    • Caramelised Onions, Ham and Parmesan Bruschetta

      Caramelised, slow-roasted onions, San Danielle ham & parmesan shavings on garlic bruschetta.

    • Mushroom and Garlic Tart

      Wild mushroom and garlic puff pastry tart on a bed of winter leaves.

    • Pigeon Terrine

      Pigeon terrine with spiced apple chutney and thick granary toast.

    • Autumn Mains

    • Breast of Pheasant

      Breast of pheasant with apple, Calvados & cream sauce

    • Chicken Breast with Masala Sauce

      Breast of chicken stuffed with porcini mushrooms, pancetta and sage with Masala sauce.

    • Duck Breast

      Duck breast with blackberry and red wine sauce.

    • Game Casserole

      Game casserole with herb dumplings.

    • Gourmet Sausages

      Gourmet sausages in cider, juniper and cream sauce.

    • Tuscan Sausage Casserole

      Tuscan sausage casserole in Chianti.