Italian Inspired Wedding Food

Rustic peasant Italian is one of Karen’s main food loves. Having been inspired by Ruth Rogers & Rose Gray at The River cafe, Karen believes that the very best Italian inspired food is all about the quality of ingredients, and letting the ingredients speak for themselves.

One of Karen’s most memorable meals was in a Tuscan vineyard with only about eight or ten tables. Mama cooking in the kitchen & daughter serving, just one dish:

Cannelini beans in olive oil & rosemary
Wine (from the vineyard)

The divine simplicity!


So.. when Karen is asked to put together a menu for an Italian style wedding, she gets incredibly excited! Here is one of her wonderful menu ideas:

Antipasti (social, sharing) to start:

  • Assorted charcuterie with wild rocket
  • Burrata on olive bread bruschetta with pesto & toasted pine nuts
  • Crushed cannelini beans, rosemary & olive oil bruschetta
  • Griddled baby courgettes in lemon & olive oil
  • Plum tomato & basil salad
  • Focaccia bread
  • Marinated olives
  • Extra virgin Italian olive oil


Followed by main:

  • Porchetta: slow roasted, fall apart tender shoulder of pork stuffed with softened onion, rosemary & fennel seeds
  • Peas & lettuce in olive oil
  • Baby roast potatoes with salt flakes.

And for dessert:

  • Creamy pannacotta with whipped honey & cantuccini biscuits
  • and Gorgonzola dulce with walnuts


Karen is bursting with wonderful ideas and takes her inspiration from you and the season. She’d love to have a chat – so get in touch and organise a free consultation. We don’t believe in pushy sales… so you have nothing to lose. Just send an email to and we’ll arrange a suitable time and date for your consultation.