We need to do everything we can to help the planet, both as businesses and as individuals, to minimise our impact on the environment. From small daily adaptations like using less plastic, to big lifestyle changes like becoming vegetarian or vegan, there is plenty we can all do to be more sustainable. Unfortunately, the events industry is a key offender when it comes to wasteful practices, something that organisers and suppliers are increasingly having to face up to and take responsibility for. As anxieties over climate change bleed more and more into the public consciousness, events need to innovate ways to cut down environmental impact and become more sustainable. As an organiser this will allow you to appeal to the eco-conscious client while also doing your bit for the planet and boosting your company’s public image – it’s a win-win-win!

Here at Kemp & Kemp we are committed to sustainability in all aspects of our business. We never ever use single-use plastics, and the vast majority of our catering unit is powered by renewable energy generated by our own solar panels. Even our website is hosted green! We are also incredibly proud of our farm-to-fork ethos, only using local suppliers and seasonal produce where possible. Not only does this ensure the highest quality food and support our local farmers, but it also eliminates the thousands of unnecessary airmiles from the importation process. 

Our vegetarian and vegan menus are becoming increasingly popular and are much less detrimental to the planet than meat-based offerings. We have received countless compliments on our tantalisingly flavourful vegan dishes, and often find that guests don’t even notice that there is no meat in sight! If you are looking to freshen up your corporate food offering, we can strongly recommend serving up a meat-free feast that is guaranteed to impress. 

We not only strive to be eco conscious, but also to become climate positive. We offset the carbon emissions of each and every one of our employees and plant 50 trees for every event we cater. So, when you enjoy our service, you can rest assured that your food has not been served at the expense of the environment and is, instead, contributing to its restoration.

We regularly review our eco policies and are always looking for new ways to minimise our impact on the environment and continue to be a positive force towards sustainability in the industry. We are truly passionate about this mission, and we invite you to consider working with sustainable brands to minimise the environmental impact of your future events. 

Sustainable Brands

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