We’ve created a checklist of things we think it’s worth asking any potential wedding caterer before your big day – we’ve also given our own responses.

Do you make everything yourself, including all sauces?

The Kemp & Kemp approach is to make EVERYTHING from scratch, from fresh ingredients.. we have wowed children with our home-made custard; our tomato sauce is made with tomatoes (I know amazing isn’t it? – not a Heinz in sight!) and our mayo is equally original and made by us – – from eggs. It’s the attention to detail that we think makes the difference.

Who supplies you with your meat?

Our butcher (Martyn Mottershead) runs a little shop in Stafford and has built up a network of farmers who he is friends with. This means our meat is all Staffordshire born and bred and has travelled 10’s of miles. There aren’t many caterers whose meat is as local we suspect and most will be buying wholesale from far and wide. Ours tastes AMAZING.

Can I have absolutely anything I want to eat, or am I restricted in any way?

When we began we decided we would never limit anyone to a set menu or a list. We take great pride in designing each and every menu around the clients concerned reflecting the season, likes/dislikes/ethnicity etc.

What about veggies, vegans or special dietary needs?

No worries. Again we create great veggie and vegan food and make sure they don’t feel ‘odd’, so try to adapt meaty dishes but make sure they are NEVER a poor relation.

What is the best food of the month I’m getting married and in the area I’m in?

We love researching regional foods and will go to huge lengths to try to source food as locally and seasonally as possible – even if that’s just the cheeses for the cheese table or a local asparagus in April.

Do you charge corkage?

We never have, and we think corkage is a scandalous rip-off. We pour all your daytime drinks and never add a penny for doing so. This means maximum choice for our clients and makes the meal overall much cheaper than if you had to pay £15 a bottle corkage, on top of the cost of the wine.

Are staff included in the price?

Always. We think it’s a nonsense to ‘massage down’ cost by quoting a price for food and then slipping in staff charges or crockery charges as extras. We HATE hidden extras and never have any. We like to be straightforward with people and, hope they’ll be equally direct with us.

Will you pour our drinks and are there charges for this?

The daytime drinks service never costs you anything with Kemp & Kemp Catering, and we’ll look after your wine too – we HATE warm white wine and HATE cold red.

What other major costs will I have to bear in mind?

Mostly drink related costs, like glasses, fridges, ice and a bar are things to watch. Otherwise, when it comes to the catering we are a one-stop shop.

Can I serve a dessert made by my sister?

We love the flexibility of this approach. We’ll happily create and serve your whole meal, or whatever parts you wish. We can serve any family member’s dessert, or leave you to do it yourself.. flexibility is everything.


We always suggest you ask past clients about caterers, including…

  • Did this caterer deliver food that met your expectations of the day?
  • How organised were they?
  • How good was the service?
  • Were they patient and attentive in the build-up?
  • Did they make it clear what they needed to know?
  • Did they look after you all the way through, even when things get fraught?
  • Would you use them again?
  • Was it good value for money?
  • Did you get any comments from guests about the catering?

For our own answers to these questions, you’ll need to ask our clients. We’ll happily give you a stream of them going right the way back.