At Kemp & Kemp we are renowned for changing the face of wedding catering. We have thrown out the rulebook of stuffy set menus and unnecessary fuss, instead replacing it with honest, hearty food that delights, warms and brings people together. In fact, our food is so irresistible that we are proud to have won The Wedding Industry Awards six years in a row, so we know what we’re talking about!

If there is one lesson that we have learned from years of wedding catering – it’s that food makes a massive impact on the whole day. The food (along with the dress) is a hot topic of discussion for weeks after the big day. So why is this not the case for corporate events? The catering is usually an afterthought – the focus instead being on who should be present and how business will be generated.  The food is merely a box to be ticked, when it should be an opportunity, an asset that can be cooked to perfection and used to your advantage.

So, allow us to change your perception of what corporate catering could (and should) be and illustrate what food can bring to the table in the corporate world…

Business is all about people, and for centuries food has been used as a way of building relationships and affirming trust with others. Our sharing menus are perfect for this, after all, where would you rather be forging new business networks than over a platter of freshly cooked English pies? We promise, your guests will thank you.

Every aspect of your event is going to reflect on your business. The last thing you want is to leave your guests with a bad taste in their mouth. You need to create a lasting, sparkling impression of your event that will make guests feel welcome, indulged and valued.  

It takes a lot of experience to cater for large events; you must ensure your caterers are up for the challenge. Our expert team will ensure everything runs smoothly and that your guests are well looked after.

We pride ourselves in our sustainably and source all our food locally, supporting nearby producers. Make your business’s priorities and ethics clear for your clients to see by employing the services of a company whose values align with your own.

There are some things which should never be compromised – food is one of them. Surprise your guests by injecting some zest into an environment so often associated with stale sandwiches and cold sausage rolls. Ditch the stuffy sit-down meal for a comforting feast of hearty, homemade flavour and pioneer a new standard in corporate catering.

Steer your event away from the unremarkable gloom of stereotypical corporate dining and enchant your guests with our stunning platters of homemade delights, bursting with colour and sumptuous flavours.

If you’d like to discuss an event, get in touch at or give us a call on 0800 6444566.

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