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2022 Wedding Catering Trends

We’re looking at the wedding catering trends for 2022, green menus and why winter weddings are having a moment.

This year’s main trend is RELIEF! After the emotional whiplash of two years of isolation, lockdown, and quarantine – couples are simply rejoicing in the ability to be with each other and their loved ones once again. A whole new value has been bestowed on what we once took entirely for granted, and weddings are reflecting this.

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Wedding Trends

Trend Number one

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Couples are moving away from stuffy formalities and instead embracing a more sociable, intimate style of event.

So how does this translate to wedding catering trends?

Well, where once we were seeing very formal set menus with small, carefully constructed portions, we are now seeing flavourful sharing feasts! Picture rustic mezze boards, tapas, antipasti, bowls, and platters overflowing with delights, allowing your guests to have as much or as little as they like.

You’ll find this more casual approach to your wedding breakfast really brings people together in an entirely unique, intimate atmosphere. This also allows you much more freedom when planning your food, as you won’t be confined to small plates and portions; if you want sharing platters overflowing with ten different variations of your favourite brownie recipe, we’ve got you.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, check out our sharing feast ideas here, but it really is just for inspiration purposes, because we’ll cook you up whatever you can dream of.

Wedding Trends

Trend Number Two

It's easy being green

Another wedding catering trend that we’re seeing make its way to the forefront of the crowd in 2022 is vegan and vegetarian menus. As more people are embracing the health benefits of a meat-free lifestyle and being more environmentally conscious, vegan wedding catering is making its voice heard. Although a lot of people are often quick to turn their noses up at the very thought of a vegan meal, we find that when it’s done right (and we mean really done right), even the most devout meat-eaters tend not to even notice that their meal was entirely plant based.

At Kemp & Kemp we’re hugely proud to have been pioneering truly innovative, well-rounded, vegan, and vegetarian menus for many years now, so we’re delighted to see them really receiving the recognition they deserve on the wedding scene. And no, when we say ‘vegan’ we don’t mean ‘bland mushroom sludge’, we mean vibrant, sizzling, crackling, colourful dishes absolutely crammed full of flavour – that your guests will be raving about for years to come.

Similarly, couples are looking more and more for good, honest food. They want to know where their ingredients have come from and that they haven’t come at the expense of the planet. Kemp & Kemp is committed to sustainability, always using locally sourced, fresh, and seasonal produce, avoiding unnecessary airmiles and supporting our local farmers.

Wedding Trends

Trend Number Three

Is it getting cold in here?

The demand for winter weddings that we are seeing is higher than ever before. Highly prized spring and summer dates are being booked up so far in advance, and at such increased prices, that winter weddings are becoming the more feasible alternative for a lot of couples.

There also seems to be a collective realisation within the industry that, actually, winter weddings are incredibly romantic and unique. We’re completely falling in love with the aesthetic of candlelit winter feasts, frosty photographs, log fires, mulled wine, hot chocolates … We could go on!

If that wasn’t enough, winter really is the season to go big with your food and indulge, which obviously we are entirely on board with. Of all the wedding catering trends emerging this year, this is probably a firm favourite of ours! We LOVE working with you to craft sparkling winter menus, (boeuf bourguignon, gourmet sausage and creamy mash, buttery fruit crumbles).

If you like the sound of a rustic winter feast, you can check out some more of our menu ideas here.

The long and the short of it

So, in 2022 weddings are heading towards less spectacle and more experience; more memories, more joy and more time spent with all the people you care about most about in the world.

Wedding catering trends are going hand-in-hand with this as we are seeing a shift towards more personal, intimate and unique styling and menu choices, which is what we are most passionate about, so roll on 2022!

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